7 Super Hot Celebrities Shailene Woodley has, Quote-Unquote, Dated

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It’s reputable — Shailene Woodley is the queen of being romantically linked to her co-stars! While she confirmed to Teen Vogue that she under no circumstances “attached with any one I’ve worked on a film with,” she said that after-filming hookups “would have happened on whatever.”

So which co-famous person used to be it, Shai? Ansel Elgort? Miles Teller? Daren Kagasoff? The curiosity is killing us!

Click on by way of the gallery below to peer all of the guys (and a woman!) that Shai’s been linked to prior to now, and then inform us who you suppose she used to be regarding within the feedback!

Daren Kagasoff

Daren Kagasoff in love datedAs anticipated, the 2 Secret life co-stars were linked just about right away after their characters attached on reveal. The rumors remain best that, as they’ve insisted that they may be simply neighbors.

Miles Teller

Miles TellerAfter they starred together in the unbelievable Now, rumors started out swirling that Shai and Miles had been relocating their on-reveal romance to real existence. Miles, however, established to Elle that he “in no way dated Shailene [and] she would by and large be repulsed by means of the idea.”

Theo James

Theo JamesWe by no means rather understood the Sheo relationship rumors, guys. Sure, 4 and Tris are basc perfect together, however c’mon — Theo has had a longtime girlfriend for YEARS! Like, means before he even met Shai!

Ansel Elgort

Ansel ElgortAt the same time Shai and Ansel play essentially the most ideal on-display couple, the pair on no account dated IRL. No matter how so much TFiOS fanatics wanted to believe that the real-lifestyles Gus and Hazel were quite in love, Shailene describes their relationship as that of brother and sister.

Shiloh Fernandez

Shiloh FernandezBesides the fact that children that she had highly steamy scenes with Shiloh in their movie White chook in a Blizzard, Shailene without difficulty laughed off the romance rumors that got here afterwards. But what some might not bear in mind is that the pair’s first set of courting rumors in reality got here a year earlier than the movie got here out, after they have been allegedly noticed kissing at an occasion in 2013.

Ellen Page

Ellen PageFor the duration of the summer of 2014, good enough! Journal pronounced that Shailene had just lately entered into a romantic relaysh along with her longtime friend Ellen page. Shai, who admitted to loving people for who they’re and “not their intercourse,” never shot down the rumors, however alternatively let them die out when Ellen was once seen cozying as much as a diff gal pal on the set of Freeheld.

Nahko Bear

Nahko BearOn the finish of final year, Shailene used to be photographed watching lovely comfortable with a mystery man. It turns out that the guy was Nahko undergo, the frontman of a band who Shai says dramatically “modified [her] life.” thus far there is been no conformation of an legit pairing or an reputable cut up.

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